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How SEO Strategies can reduce the cost of admission for your university?

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As students search about universities/colleges online, which courses and universities to join, they come across various colleges and universities on the internet. Hence, maintaining a strong online presence and adhering to current SEO techniques have become essential for colleges and Universities.

Curious to know how Universities can lower the cost of admission by following SEO strategies on their website? If yes, read this blog.

What do you understand by SEO strategies?

SEO strategy is a detailed action plan created to enhance and improve the website rankings organically. These strategies will help you reach top positions in the search engine and benefit your company by bringing more traffic to your website and revenue. According to research, 70.6% of all website traffic comes from Google, YouTube, Bling, and Yahoo.

Why you should optimize SEO for your University websites

Google ranks no. 1, capturing 85.55% of the share of the global search engine market. And nowadays whenever anyone faces any query/question in their mind, Google is the first place people go to. And while making the most important decision of a student’s life- that is selecting a college, students and their parents go through websites of different educational institutes to find the best one.

And according to statistics, 91% of users check only the first page of Google search results. and to capture their attention, educational institutes want to rank themselves at the top of search engines. And SEO strategies help Universities/colleges to rank higher in search engines.

How SEO can reduce the cost of University admission

SEO auditing

An SEO audit is the 1st step to analysing how closely your web presence adheres to standard practices. The SEO audit will help you find out technical SEO, website structure, user experience, on page SEO, and content gaps in SEO issues of your website.

And once you understand the issues and the changes you require to make, the SEO procedure will become easier and more efficient.

Check your Keywords

Do keyword research and analyze if you are using keywords with high volume and low competition. There are several synonyms for a course name, you can use an alternate name for the course according to the visitor’s search volume. Adding keywords based on keyword research will help you bring the right audience to your website. At present, 75.5% of marketers use keyword research because of its relevance in SEO.

Create your content strategy

Search engines give the highest importance to relevant & quality content over other factors. Hence, you need to make sure the content you are publishing on your website is fresh, relevant, and not plagiarized from any other website.

With the course page, careers, placement, and other pages, you should always make a page for the blog, where you can write various blogs including various information about the course, admission procedure, career opportunities, etc.

And while drafting your content strategy you should align your goal with the search intent and keyword search volume.

Create useful links

Your website will get more credibility if it gets relevant inbound and outbound links from other prominent education-related websites. You need to also check if there are any broken links present on your website, if yes, then update them immediately because they could jeopardize your ranking in Google search results.

Optimize your site for local search

Many students look out for colleges in a specific city or state and hence optimising your website according to local search will give you a higher ranking in the search engine. For ex- they look out for top engineering colleges in Rajasthan. According to the below-mentioned graph, you can understand how frequently people use local search to find out about a local business.

Also, you can use Google my business, and list your college name in online directories to optimize SEO for your website.

Make your website responsive to all devices

In the year 2021, Internet users used mobile devices for half of their time online. And there are more than 1 billion tablet users worldwide. So, while making or revamping your website you should ensure website responsiveness on all devices.

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We hope the above-mentioned strategies have helped you understand how you can reduce the cost of admission to your university by using SEO strategies. And as implementing SEO strategies is a bit tricky, you can hire an SEO or digital marketing agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of using SEO?

The advantages of using SEO on your University website are-

  • Unlike ads, SEO will provide you with a higher ranking on search engines for a longer duration.
  • With an effective SEO strategy, you can reduce your ad campaign cost by allocating your budget to the most competitive keywords.
  • Brings organic traffic to your website.
  • Build trust among customers.
  • Helps you in generating leads.

2. What are the types of SEO?

Four essential types of SEO are used to optimize websites- On page SEO, OFF page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO.

3. How can I create an interactive University website?

To make your University website interactive you can add a chatbot feature, a virtual tour of your campus, and the location of your college through google maps. Also, you can use a conversational tone throughout your website content to make it more interactive.

4. Why are blogs so effective for your website?

Blogs are a crucial component both in terms of SEO and content strategy. Blogs are a creative way to bring visitors to your website and keep them engaged through new and updated information related to your website.